General Information

Some information from payment options to shipping.
Terms and Credit
~ All orders are C.O.D. until credit is established.
~Once credit is established terms are net 30 days.

Payment Options
~Company cheque
~Money order

Placing an Order
~All orders MUST be submitted in writing.
~Prebooking and order is acceptable.
~Artwork must be signed and returned to us before we will proceed.

Order Cancellations
~Once an order is placed it is considered firm. Any cancellation will be billed for work in progress.

Repeat Orders
~We will not email/fax an approval for exact repeats.
~Images of Color will not be held responsible for any exact repeat orders printed incorrectly.

Shortages and Size Discrepancies.
~Take advantage of our precount service. For only $.05 per item. We will precount your product before it goes into production.
~Count your product. If your order is short, we will not hold up production to add garments. Additional items added after the printed will be charged as a new order.

~ Provide us with your desired courier information.
~ Direct shipping from Images of Color can be arranged. We will remove all labels from boxers
Disclaimer Information
~ Some products due to their foreign content are not advisable to be printed on.
~ On certain materials the ink may turn color. This is the fabric dye bleeding into the ink.
~ We cannot assume responsibility for garments that shrink, discolor, or bleed due to substrandard dying process and fabric.
~ Garments must be able to withstand 320 degrees. Images of Color will not accept responsibility for ink discoloration as the ink is not the issue.
~ Images of Color does not guarantee any printing on moisture wicking, dri-fit, cool max or any product of such nature. These products are unpredictable in shrinking and dye migration. These products carry no imprint warranty and are printed at your own risk.
~ Known problem materials are some 50-50 garments, coolmax, and 100% polyester.

Production Time
~ Approximately within two weeks from placement of order. Allow time for artwork approval and garments delivered to us. The sooner artwork is approved and garments are delivered the sooner the work is completed.
~ Rush orders are available at an additional cost.
~ Pre-booking your orders saves time and guanrantees delivery.